Make your own Sangaree cocktail for this Christmas

When any of our festive surrounds us just like Christmas is about to hit, we start thinking about the plans to make that event more colorful. The first thing which immediately strikes us and our mind says is, Ohh look! Its wine O’ time. We never forget wines in our any good party of the life. This time let’s surprise our friends and family with same wine but in a new style. As you know Wine Market bring you the finest wines across the world and with Wine Market coupon code you get your love with even more reasonable prices. This time I will teach you with Sangaree cocktail with wine which is easy to make in just few minutes. It is a sweet tart and nutty cocktail with the best ever taste of wine and it will surely become your signature festive drink. To find more voucher codes of 2017, visit:

When it comes about wine we cannot rely on any store for the quality as people are very conscious about their wines. They don’t drink the wine but the live every sip of it. Wine Market are always been renowned for their quality and taste.

The drink is a package of flavors and not too much of alcohol is added so, it can be used as a pre-dinner thing. To make this cocktail you simply need Baily and Baily Folio Vic Moscato 2014 to balance the level of sweetness caramel syrup and will add a nutty flavor with freshly grated nutmeg.

A simple syrup will be used in the whole and will shake the drink by adding lemon juice in it. Before shaking do not forget to add ice cubes in it. A chilled wine cocktail is more refreshing and loving to the throat.

The season in which Christmas falls, automatically calls for chilled, refreshing yet invigorating drinks which makes your mood. Vibrant colors appeal more than any other thing in this season. The blend of this wine with caramel syrup will definitely be loved by your friends and family.

This is pretty simple to make and easy to serve. I am sure your guest will indulge in the taste of your new wine cocktail. You can even try the same with different wines and different slice of fruits to make you own creation.

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